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Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

When it comes to produce, we don’t settle for anything but the best. That’s why we’re an owner of Markon—the premiere source of all our fresh produce. As an owner, we control the quality of our offerings from field to truck to table. Markon has a 5-Star Safety Program with full trackability, as well as a dedicated quality assurance team. In addition, our facilities include a high-tech produce cooler with six temperature zones and ripening control capabilities, a tomato ripening room and repack facilities.

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We’ve been a local business for over seven decades. Naturally, our center of plate specialties include a variety of local and organic options. We also offer commodity and branded beef, chicken and pork, meatless options and fresh and frozen seafood—all with next day delivery available. For every center of plate offering, we have a dedicated specialist on staff to offer advice and recommendations, as well as hands-on training of proper cutting and trimming techniques.

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We do more than just provide coffees, teas, sodas, juices, bottled water, mixers and hot chocolate: We help guide the selection, placement, and installation of the right beverage equipment for any customer. With full-service beverage options plus equipment leasing, installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair, we’re a commercial beverage partner you can depend on. Let us help you create a custom beverage program, tailored to your and your customers’ needs.

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Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods

We also have a few offerings for the freezer. Frozen vegetable blends are a great, quick way to add delicious flavor, and vibrant color to your dishes. Frozen Breads, and Tortillas are a great way to maximize shelf life, while not losing any of the great taste or performance!

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Pantry Staples

Everything you need to round out your pantry! Utilize national brands, as well as our own Nicholas and Company Ebrands to get the best items from the best vendors. Whether it be Baking needs, rice and beans, or some snacking favorites, we have you covered.

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Toilet Tissue

Non-Food Items

Even though you can't eat them, these items are no less essential! Paper towels, bleach, water softener salt, and toilet paper, can prove critical, and hard to find nowadays. Look no further, Nicholas and Co have you covered.

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